About Us.

Welcome to the website for the Idaho Health and Wellness Collaborative for Children (IHAWCC). IHAWCC aims to create a meaningful, long term collaboration of stakeholders invested in child health care quality, with the common purpose of improving the health of the children and youth of Idaho. IHAWCC is dedicated to building health and improving outcomes for children and youth. Through partnership with public and private organizations, IHAWCC works to support and sustain improvement in pediatric healthcare. We work with state government, private companies, professional groups and other state and regional entities to facilitate progress in our areas of focus. With experience in healthcare quality improvement research and measurement, we connect healthcare providers, children and families in Idaho with the right resources for healthy living. We train and support professionals dedicated to improving delivery of quality healthcare for all children. In early 2016, St. Luke's Children's officially became the institutional home for the IHAWCC Advisory Board and team. With the continued support, the team will sustain various partners vision and mission for years to come.

Vision: IHAWCC supports, guides, and collaborates with practices and community organizations to improve the quality of children’s healthcare in Idaho.

Mission: We use local, state, and nationwide networking to address the healthcare needs and priorities of children. We are committed to patient and family-centered care. IHAWCC is accessible to all organizations and medical providers caring for children.