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About Us

Welcome to the website for the Idaho Health and Wellness Collaborative for Children (IHAWCC). IHAWCC aims to create a meaningful, long term collaboration of stakeholders invested in child health care quality, with the common purpose of improving the health of the children and youth of Idaho. IHAWCC is dedicated to building health and improving outcomes for children and youth. Through partnership with public and private organizations, IHAWCC works to support and sustain improvement in pediatric healthcare. We work with state government, private companies, professional groups and other state and regional entities to facilitate progress in our areas of focus. With experience in healthcare quality improvement research and measurement, we connect healthcare providers, children and families in Idaho with the right resources for healthy living. We train and support professionals dedicated to improving delivery of quality healthcare for all children.

Vision: IHAWCC supports, guides, and collaborates with practices and community organizations to improve the quality of children’s healthcare in  Idaho.
Mission: We use local, state, and nationwide networking to address the healthcare needs and priorities of children. We are committed to patient and family-centered care. IHAWCC is accessible to all organizations and medical providers caring for children.



We Love Kids!

Learning Collaboratives.

A learning collaborative is an opportunity for healthcare providers and practices to participate in a structured quality improvement process to raise the quality of care they deliver. Every learning collaborative includes a kick-off learning session to hear evidence behind “best practices,” coaching on how to implement process improvement in your practice, ongoing technical assistance, topic related conference calls from experts in the field, site visits from quality improvement coaches, a wrap-up session to review progress, and suggestions to create and implement a plan for sustainability.


Browse More Learning Collaboratives



IHAWCC tools and resources are a combination of tools developed through our various projects, relevant webpages, key publications, and links to partner programs and organizations.

  • IHAWCC Toolbox

    IHAWCC’s trusted tools, documents, forms, and reports. This toolbox aggregates our resources for individuals wishing to learn more on specific collaboratives.

  • Patient Centered Medical Home

    The patient-centered medical home, one of modern health care’s most important innovations, is a model of care that emphasizes care coordination and communication to transform primary care into “what patients want it to be.”

  • Quality Improvement

    The fundamental concept underlying improvement is that a system left unchanged can only be expected to continue to produce the same results.

  • Medical Home Portal

    The Medical Home Portal aims to provide ready access to reliable and useful information for professionals and families to help them care and advocate for children with special health care needs.

  • Recognitions/Certifications

    Promoting, educating, and insuring equal healthcare access and treatment for all individuals and communities.

  • Improvement Partnership

    The National Improvement Partnership Network (NIPN) is a network of over 20 states that have developed Improvement Partnerships to advance quality and transform healthcare for children and their families.



The strength of IHAWCC lies in our team's diversity and depth of experience. The result is a cross-pollination of ideas. From medical directors to pediatricians, IHAWCC’s Advisory Board is powered by people who genuinely care about the health of Idaho’s children.

  • Rainey

    Dr. Richard Rainey

    Regence BlueShield of Idaho’s Executive Medical Director.

  • Godfrey

    Dr. Ben Godfrey

    Practicing pediatrician at Treasure Valley Pediatrics.

  • Veltman

    Max Veltman

    Associate Professor, College of Health Sciences at Boise State.

  • matt picture

    Matt Wimmer

    Deputy Administrator for the Idaho Division of Medicaid.

  • Ullery

    Dr. John Ullery

    Medical Director

    Medical Director for the CHIC Project.

  • Dizney-Spencer

    Dieuwke Dizney-Spencer

    Advisory Board Member

    Deputy Administrator for the Department of Health & Welfare.

  • Janos

    Dr. Gregory Janos

    Advisory Board Member

    Executive Medical Director at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

  • Iverson

    Sherry Iverson

    Advisory Board Member

    Executive Director for the Idaho American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • ShaunaIHAWCC

    Shauna Ellefson

    Practicing Nurse Practitioner at Treasure Valley Pediatrics.





  • Stutzman Kim2

    Dr. Kim Stutzman

    Associate Director of Education and Rural Family Medicine



In addition to learning processes and developing best practices, individuals who register for IHAWCC’s learning collaboratives will receive valuable, applied training on fostering a culture with a high quality of care.


Must Reads

From food choice to dental care to medicine, this is a place for you to do research on the topics of interest to you and join the conversation about children’s health. IHAWCC is a collaborative effort. We need to hear your voice and expertise to help us all make the best choices for children in Idaho.


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Do you know about events or organizations that support our mission? Do you have questions or comments? Please let us know. We’re interested in anything that helps us support the health and wellbeing of our youth.

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